About Us

Antonio & Jimmy standing with products, wallgym, cool boards

The name “Ramunno Health Solutions” came about as a way to pay tribute to the amazing family who provided tremendous support to Antonio Ramunno over the years. Antonio’s family was there for him when he had to contend with a devastating Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) after a severe motorcycle accident. They continued to support and encourage him further as he worked tirelessly to become an entrepreneur from his wheel chair.

When Antonio was released from the hospital after his SCI, he struggled to find affordable options for a quadriplegic wanting to continue recovery and improve independence at home. This lead to the development of the WallGym. This invention solved the problems he was facing by helping him to become stronger, improve his standing ability, balance, function and independence. The WallGym is an amazing product that is now being used in Rehab Centers across British Columbia, Canada.

Antonio’s creative inspiration did not end there. As new challenges arise, Antonio continues to look for solutions. With various new products, his business has transformed from “WallGym” to “Ramunno Health Solutions” to encompass the many new inventions he has created and those yet to come. If you have a physical impairment you have arrived at the right place as these products have been designed with you in mind.

Our Mission

To better the lives of those who are living with physical impairments.

Our Goals

  1. Provide products to promote physical recovery and independence at affordable prices.
  2. Provide products to save money and time for individuals with physical impairments.
  3. Provide products to make life with a physical impairment easier and more enjoyable.

Changed Lives


Ground Breaking Products

Why Choose Us

We thrive on finding a better way. Our team is made up of individuals that have been there, and know exactly what’s needed.

Locally Imagined

Every concept is derived from a specific and often unique need.

Locally Designed

Expertly planned with ease of use and functionality always top of mind.

Locally Built

Expertly built in house so we know every inch of every product.


Solutions are rigorously tested in real world situations by people like you.

Our Expert Team

We understand your challenges because we have been there.

Antonio Headshot

Antonio Ramunno

Owner Operator
Antonio Ramunno is the real deal and an inspiration. Despite his disabilities, he perseveres using creativity and drive, developing better products and new ways to improve upon the lives of others with physical impairments. 

Jimmy Headshot

Jimmy Fenwick

Co-Owner & Physiotherapist
Jimmy Fenwick is a well-seasoned Physiotherapist that has been working is his profession for over 15 years, mostly with the neurological population and amputees in the rehab setting. He sees many clients who need more products like those that Ramunno Health Solutions offers.